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Blueways and Greenways


Here you will find information on the Blueways and Greenways in Leakesville and the greater Greene County area.  

What is a Blueway?  A blueway or water trail is a water path or trail that is developed with launch points, camping locations and points of interest for canoeists, paddle boarders and kayakers.

What is a Greenway?  A greenway is a trail (and sometimes a wildlife corridor), found in both urban and rural settings, that is frequently created, out of a railway, utility, or similar right of way, or derelict industrial land. Rail trails are one of the most common forms of greenway, and they also resemble linear parks.

Greene County's goal is to highlight its unique natural, cultural and historic resources in order to attract new residents and visitors to the area.  Also a goal is to promote the health and wellness of residents, while having educational activities that bring greater awareness, and appreciate of the rivers of Greene County.

Development:  Greene County is currently working in conjunction with the National Parks Service to develop three locations on the Chickasawhay.  Old Avera Landing near State Line, Leakesville Boat Ramp, and Gatlin Hills Landing @ Hwy 98

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