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Animal Control

In response to the high number of animals being abandoned in our area, we've established this page with the aim of introducing you to some of the dogs and cats who are in dire need of permanent homes. These animals have unfortunately been let down by humans, and our hope is to find them caring and loving families. Strays are cared for by us for a specified duration before they become available for adoption.


Click the below link if you are interested in any of the pups shown.

Use the following form to report strays or call city hall.


Rehoming Pets

If you find yourself unable to care for your pet any longer, we can assist you in finding a new home for them. By sending us a photo of your pet, along with your contact information, we will post the details on our website to help connect you with potential new owners.

However, please note that we are unable to take these animals into our care. It's important to remember that we are not involved in the buying or selling of animals, and we do not facilitate any transactions between parties.

Available for Adoption Currently in Foster Care
Strays picked up are held for seven (7) days after whch they can be adopted. If not adopted they will be euthanized.
Please Help Us Find Homes for them.

Information please call (601) 394-2383

LINK TO ADOPT/CLAIM Please call to claim ASAP)

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